Fundraising Opportunity for Schools and Teams

When Calgary-based Stride Engineering started the Alcohol Wipes venture, the whole idea was to help put a hard-to-find product to the hands of Albertans so that they could be out in public working and running errands, staying safe while doing so.

A significant percentage of our sales have been to a grocery distributor that supports independent stores throughout Western Canada, and we haven't had a lot of our product make it into retail outlets in Calgary and Edmonton.  As such, we are doing a big push with this latest shipment to get our product into the Calgary and Edmonton health regions, where COVID cases are problematic.  Without much uptake at local grocers, we are really pushing a fundraising option.

We have built a fundraising program to supply our wipes to non-profit groups at wholesale prices.  Instead of the grocer making the 42% gross profit margin and handling the distribution, we leave that to the groups that are interested in the fundraising.  The program has been designed to be barrier-free, so that your group can easily raise funds for your programs while contributing to the safety of your community.  

We currently have three schools and a dance group kicking off fundraisers, and we'd love to see more.  Please contact to learn more about our fundraising program.  Thank you for spreading the word about us!

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Melanie Nickel

I would like to receive information for fundraising. Thank you!

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