Contest: Please Re-Seal Me

With the very first package of our wipes that I opened, I ripped off the factory seal and tossed it.  Little did I know that that sticker is meant to be re-sealable.  This was back in the summer, and by the time I got to wipe #39, there wasn't much moisture left.  The glue on the sticker is actually very good, and re-sealing works very well to keep your wipes moist until the end.  

The only complaint that I ever hear about these wipes, is that they can get a little dry near the end.  Inevitably, it comes to light that the sticker was tossed in each of these cases.  

I should have written this post earlier, but I was agonizing about what the title would be.  The title I used is terrible, and we need a contest to fix it!  By the end of Sunday Dec 13, we will award a prize for the best re-sealing slogan.  In the comments of this blog post, please submit your ideas.  

Here are some of my rejected ideas:

1)  Keeping it Seal

2)  Don't Speak Moistly; Do Keep Moistly

3)  That's all I had...

Looking forward to your slogans!


Jean Weild

Keep it sealed for the best deal!

Jean Weild

Seal it, dont peal it .
Keep it real, keep it sealed.

Terry Otterson

Don’t rip it, seal it.

Theresa Stadnyk

Keep your top on for freshness

Keep this sticker sealed tight,
Or your ethanol evaporates out of sight!

Lisa Meville

Re-seal so moist till the last wipe!

Re-sealing keeps wipes moist!

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