Best Use of Stride Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Most people's first instinct when looking for sanitizing wipes is to look for the big brand names.  Until recently, very little supply of Clorox and Lysol has been allocated to Canada, but because we are now starting to see these products on our shelves with a tiny bit more regularity, we think it's time to start a conversation about what differentiates our wipes from these brand name wipes.  

The accepted use for Clorox and Lysol wipes is to disinfect hard surfaces.  Disinfecting chemicals are identified in Health Canada's Hard Surface Disinfectants Monograph.  A usage guide for various hard surface disinfectants has been compiled by Stanford University, and it contains really good information about the benefits and drawbacks of each class.  Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (Quats) are the active ingredients in Clorox and Lysol wipes, and these compounds can irritate skin and may have inhalation risks for some people.  

The active ingredient in Stride's wipes is ethanol, or ethyl alcohol.  As it was noted in the Stanford University guide, ethanol evaporates quickly and typically will not allow sufficient contact time for it to be listed as a surface disinfectant, with a 99.99% kill rate.  The sanitizing claim for ethanol equates to a lowly 99.9% efficacy, so it can't be classed as a surface disinfectant.  For this reason, our wipes are intended to be used for sanitizing hands, as an alternative to the widely available liquid hand sanitizers. 

We believe that Stride Products Hand Sanitizing Wipes have a place in everyone's life, alongside the popular Clorox and Lysol brands.  In my family, we use both types of wipes, but under different circumstances.  The surface disinfecting wipes stay at home, and the Stride wipes travel with us everywhere we go.  

Each Stride wipe contains 6 mL of liquid, nearly two-times the amount of liquid needed to properly sanitize hands.  Our wipes are still wet after your hands are sanitized; a pragmatic use for that that additional sanitizing liquid is to wipe down your phone and the surfaces around you.  We find them really useful in vehicles and in public settings.  The flat pack is very convenient for carrying with you in your purse or in your backpack whenever you are out in your community.  

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