Flat-Packs versus Canisters

In an earlier post we talked about our safety and quality concerns about selling alcohol wipes in canisters. If that didn't convince you, maybe this will; we find it's going to be a lot more expensive to buy wipes in canisters.  

Our findings are that the price per wipe will have to be about 25-30% higher for wipes in canisters than for wipes in our flat-pack packaging.

The actual cost of the wipes is a relatively small portion of the total cost that the end user has to pay.  The efficiency of how the wipes are packaged (number of wipes per cubic meter) has a huge impact on the costs that are associated with placing the wipes onto pallets, shipping them into and storing them in warehouses across Canada, transferring them to retail locations, and even taking up retail shelf space.  

Consider the example of 80-wipe package:  There are nearly 57,000 wipes packed into every cubic meter of cargo space in our flat-pack style of packaging.  For the 80-wipe canister product, there are just over 28,000 wipes in that same volume.  The cargo efficiency is over 2 times better with our style of packaging!

It looks like Lysol may be onto the same thing now.  When global demand cools off, I think you will start seeing their 'flat-pack' available on store shelves.  See product images here.  Really, the only positive aspect of wipes in canisters, is that they look good on store shelves and that's not worth an extra 30% to me.  

Visit our online store to order your wipes today!  Happy shopping!

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