• We are a Small Canadian Company, Helping Canadians get Back to Business, Safely

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Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Free Hand Sanitizing Wipes (Pay for Shipping ONly)


The liquid in our wipes primarily contains alcohol and water. There are a small amount of additives that act as preservatives, dispersants, and skin softening agents.

Food Grade Ethanol (Ethyl Alcohol): 75.0 vol %

Water: 24.4 vol %

Glycerin: 0.30 vol %

Propylene Glycol: 0.10 vol %

Alkyl Polyglucoside: 0.10 vol %

Disodium EDTA: 0.05 vol %

Cetylpyridinium Chloride: 0.03 vol %

Chlorophenesin: 0.02 vol %

Stride Products: Our Story

The global COVID-19 pandemic left the founders of Calgary-based Stride Engineering with an abundance of available time to ponder where we could fit in to restarting Alberta’s economy.  Our support staff pivoted from their normal bookkeeping, project controls and IT routines, into working on sourcing products that Canadians need to get safely back to our routines.  We identified a hand sanitizing alcohol-based wipe and we got it approved by Health Canada, and we initiated a large order that is sitting in our Calgary warehouse.  Our staff are pivoting again to find the best way to distribute this wonderful product to the Canadians who are committed to hand hygiene and will use these wipes to reduce the spread of viruses while they are Getting Back to Business.

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Corporate Office:

Stride Products c/o Stride Engineering Inc.

Suite 1200, 510 5th Street SW

Calgary, AB, T2P 3S2

email: Greg@StrideProducts.com